What’s in the Sky This Week!

Published February 23, 2014 by ashawnomy

What’s in the Sky for the Week of February  24th – March 2nd:

Monday, February 24th:  I’ve got nothing here.

Tuesday, February 25th:  Early morning brings us the waning crescent moon to the upper right of Venus.  Look southeast.

Wednesday, February 26th:  Early morning has Venus and the waning crescent moon switching places with Venus now to the upper right  of the moon.

Thursday, February 27th:  Once again the early morning brings us a super thin moon low in the east-southeast sky, but this time Mercury sits to the lower left.

Friday, February 28th:  With a simple telescope, you can see Jupiter’s moon Io cross in front of the planet.  This is called a transit.  This will occur from 5:56-8:11 pm.  The shadow of Io will follow behind from 7:02-9:17 pm.

Saturday, March 1st:  Leo begins to climb into view and announces the coming of spring.  Regulus, the brightest star in Leo, will be visible.  Very cool.  Also, the new moon will occur at exactly 4:00 am.


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