Getting Into the “Spring” of Things

Published April 22, 2014 by ashawnomy

     Alright, everybody.  We are rebooting once again.  The winter constellations are dropping from the night sky and the spring ones are rising.  The star gazing times are getting pushed back later in the evening, although the temperatures are nicer, and we even have a meteor shower going on as we speak.  That is, if you can find clear skies in which to watch them.  Neil has given us SEVEN Cosmos episodes, and my son and I have found something new in which to bond.  I am contemplating the purchase of a new telescope (nothing serious, but even the duct tape on my current one is getting old), and the Wizards are in the playoffs.  

     Please stop by to check out the blog more often.  I am wanting to streamline the system a bit and make things easier to find for people.  I want the site itself to be a place for 2 main reasons.   Number 1, when you want to do some night sky watching and want to know what is in your sky this evening, you should be able to come here and quickly find what you need.  Number 2, when you need quick information on planets, stars, constellations, etc, this should be a place to come and quickly find said information.  As I build, I also really want to craft this space into what my reader needs, so I readily welcome all suggestions.  There aren’t too many of you out there yet, and I know who you are, so please let me know what would make this a more welcome place for you.

     Finally, I would really like to start passing the word around about this place.  If you know someone who has the least little interest in Astronomy, please drop the blog site and let them know I am here.  If you know of any families who have any school aged students, please let them know I am here.  And, if your name is Jared Melrath, remember, promises were made.  

     Thanks everybody and keep looking to the stars!


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