The Fermi Paradox, or, How I Won’t Sleep For at Least the Summer.

Published June 9, 2014 by ashawnomy

I would like to start by thanking my friend, Chris Brown, for sending me this article.  I will never think about my place in the universe in quite the same way ever again.  I will also most likely not sleep in quite the same way ever again.  This is the Fermi Paradox.  **Note to parents, there are a few ugly words in here, so please preview before allowing child to jump in by her or himself.

You should really take the time to read this article as it addresses why we have yet to make contact with any alien species.  Most of the answers are frightening.  I am particularly in general agreement with Stephen Hawkings and Carl Sagan (as I am in most regards) about why we should not be screaming our position in the universe when we have no idea who is listening and why.  As shown in the article, statistically speaking, there should be some 1,000 planets with intelligent life on them in our galaxy alone.  Why don’t we recognize each other?  Either we can’t because of vast differences of lifestyle or existence or they are smart enough to keep quiet.

There are many other reasons in the article and I do recommend you read.  I will be struggling with this now for at least the summer.  I hope that there are others of you out there who will read it and comment.  It’s worth the discussion.



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