Good Space Apps

Scope Nights:  This is a great app if you want to see whether or not it will be a good night to gaze.


Pocket Universe or (Puniverse):  This is a great app to see what is up there.  Just point and it will show you the name of what you are looking at.  There are many versions of this type of app, but I like this one.


Star Chart:  This one has the same point and name as above, and also does it well, but I like it because it sends me reminders of special days in Astronomy history.  These may include Astronomer birthdays and days that certain spacecraft launched in the past.


ISS Spotter:  If you haven’t had the transcendental experience of looking up at a black sky and watching the International Space Station fly overhead, then you need this app.  I have now seen it over 20 times, but get so excited to see the alert that it is coming.  You can program it according to your position and it will let you know, ahead of time, when it is coming and exactly where to look to see it.  Highly recommended!




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